Love Is Blurry?

A statement from a not-so-savory cast member on season 2 of Love is Blind

When Season 2 of Love is Blind premiered on February 11th of 2022, fans of the show shrieked with joy after waiting almost two years since the show premiered in 2020. Season 1 premiered at the height of the Pandemic. The world stopped because of a deadly virus, and many of us stayed at home. Season 1 brought your typical reality TV show drama and a beautiful love story that warmed the viewers’ hearts with now power couple Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton.

However, after the long wait for season 2, many fans left disappointed. The drama ramped up significantly, and the love went sour. Out of all the engaged couples that made it to the altar, only two are still married and even the two married couples were hard to root for. I saw the potential of some couples but that went away as the episodes continued on. To sum up the season in one word, it would be misdirected. Let’s break down the couples of the season:

Danielle and Nick wearing a blue dress and blue suit. They are both caucasian.
Source: Netflix Love is Blind

Danielle and Nick
The biggest misdirect of the season for me. I really thought they were the next Lauren and Cameron of this season and BOY was I wrong. Danielle talked about her insecurities about her appearance with Nick since she lost a lot of weight, and Nick seemed open to accepting her for who she is. He expressed his struggles with sharing his feelings with others and not having that reciprocated back to him. They started talking about how their lives would work together and it was cute! 
Until it wasn’t…
Danielle never stopped talking about her insecurities and proceeded to gaslight Nick in every conversation they had. She would always find a way to argue and nitpick every word he said. She even called him a narcissist! Why Nick continued to be with her and marry her makes absolutely no sense to me. He seemed miserable on his wedding day–– sweating like a criminal in an interrogation room. His own family did not support the wedding. They genuinely seemed to want the worst for him. I’m hyperventilating just thinking about this couple.

This is Natalie and Shayne posing in front of the beach. She has a read swimsuit and he is wearing a white shirt with blue striped shorts.
Source: Natalie’s instagram

Shayne and Natalie
What in God’s green earth did Natalie see in Shayne? Girl…Natalie, you were blind to the red flags because everyone watching could see that Shayne was not it. Natalie seemed emotionally and financially stable and said she wanted to have a relationship like her parents and grandparents. That was your first mistake, Natalie, because every relationship is unique. That does not mean you had to couple up with Shayne. 
Ya’ll Shayne must have been on something because he was always hyper, never sitting still, his eyes were wide, and he had the voice of a frat boy that never grew up. His conversations seemed shallow, and he kept begging for compliments from her. He also connected with another woman named Shaina *eye roll* who only had conversations with each other about crop tops and hooking up. 
Natalie kept saying Shayne has a funny, bright, and extroverted personality which is great and all but he’s not mature. I often felt that Natalie tried to be a “cool girl” to appeal to Shayne’s immature and erratic behavior. He’s horrible at handling conflict because every conversation they had, he gaslighted her and made it about him. Blaming her for not complimenting him enough and being mean to her. She was matching your immature behavior, Shayne!

Shaina and Kyle are in her house sitting down. He is wearing a beige shirt with buttons and she is wearing a tan turtleneck shirt. They are both caucasian.
Source: Netflix Love is Blind

Shaina and Kyle
This girl either needs glasses or needs to lay off the botox because it’s seriously affecting her vision. Literally, every time she wants to shade someone, she squints, and her lips purse up like a duck. It’s not giving what you think it’s giving Shaina. Anyway, she’s a part of this weird love square between her pining for Shayne while accepting Kyle’s –– who’s pining for her love –– proposal. I think Shaina wanted to stay on the show longer just so she could steal Shayne away from Natalie. He would have been better with Shaina anyway because they’re both toxic and vain. 
Now, Kyle, I didn’t like from the jump because he kept trying to portray this “I’m not a part of the system” person. He always seemed very preachy and judgmental to me. He constantly stressed how he was a man of the people because he worked in construction. Yeah right, dude. He and Shaina’s conversation started with their similarities in being working-class people and liking sports and what not until it got to religion. 
Shaina said she wanted a “godly-man who would lead her” and that she is a devout Christian. Kyle said he grew up in a Catholic home but is now an atheist. Shaina went in full attack mode after that and even said she doesn’t believe in evolution. WTF? I shouldn’t be too surprised because Shaina gave me fake Christian Trump vibes anyway. Their conversation about religion should have stopped Kyle from proposing but clearly he’s blind because he did just that. When they saw each other face-to-face, I could see Shaina has not attracted to this man at all but Kyle said they could make it work. 
Big mistake dude. 
Shaina dumps him during their honeymoon and Kyle still pursues her.

Iyanna and Jarrette wearing matching red outfits. A dress and a suit. They are both black people.
Source: Netflix Love is Blind

Iyanna and Jarrette
Iyanna seems like a sweet girl with a good head on her shoulders considering what she’s been through. I thought she and Jarrette had a good connection but that was another misdirect. They seemed to understand each other and talked about their future, but who did Jarrette want to propose to? Mallory is another girl in the pods and a part of the second love square this season. 
Jarrette disrespected Iyanna so many times and does not seem ready for marriage even though he and Iyanna are still married to this day. Like dude is a bum. He’s a hustler and has many “jobs” but that screams unstable. He barely has a bed in his apartment and keeps gifts that his exes have given him. He goes out to party with his lame friends way past 3am and dared to get annoyed when Iyanna asked him to not come home late. 
I firmly believe that who you surround yourself with influences the way you act, think, and speak. Jarrette’s friends are party boys and are not settled or secure in themselves. If he doesn’t distance himself away from those guys, his marriage to Iyanna will suffer. Iyanna had so many doubts about his commitment to her and she should have listened to her intuition. He literally proposed to her only because Mallory turned down his proposal in the pods. 
You don’t deserve to be someone’s second choice girl!

Mallory and Salvador are sitting down on chairs on their wedding day. She is wearing a white dress and he is wearing a black suit. They are both hispanic.
Source: Netflix Love is Blind

Mallory and Salvador
A cute couple that quickly became an annoying snoozefest in the end. I thought Mallory was a nice girl until she meets up with Jarrette during the honeymoon trip and said she’s a “guy’s girl.” Mallory, being a “guy’s girl” never works out for any woman. They will friend zone you and never see you as a romantic prospect. You being “not like other girls” does not put you in a higher position when dealing with men. 
I thought she and Sal were cute together. They have a shared cultural background and desire to be loved by someone who will put in the effort. Sal said he’s a sensitive soul and really in tune with his emotions. Mallory seemed to be open to that, but nope. She wanted a manly man with who she could watch sports. 
Sal would make these cute songs for her and take her on romantic dates and she would cringe every time. She also admitted she wasn’t attracted to him but never to his face. She gave him nothing in return. No romantic acts of love, no emotional vulnerability, no passion. Absolutely nothing. In the end, at the altar, Sal says no to Mallory. I’m glad he did because she does not know what she wants in a relationship yet and needs to take time to figure that out.

The Reunion episode
Shake wants his 15 minutes of fame and I’m glad the season is over. Shake never apologized for his horrible behavior towards Deepti and seemed genuinely clueless about his actions. I left the reunion feeling not fulfilled with the conclusions of the couples’ relationships. They should have shown all the toxic arguments between Danielle and Nick and when Shaina disrespected the f*ck outta Natalie by calling Shayne and Natalie’s relationship fake. 

Thank God this season is over though. The producers owes everyone who watched this season a refund. Love is Blind is renewed for season 3 and I hope the producers are listening. We want a love story to root for and cast members who are not toxic.
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