A Late 2021 Announcement

Ya girl got a job!

That’s it. That’s the announcement.

Okay…🙄, there’s more. Getting a job this year was something I prayed for, cried for, and longed for. It was painful seeing people I graduated with and interned with getting jobs in the same field I studied for. I constantly second-guessed myself and became very detached, resentful, and hopeless.

Though God had a plan for me. He wanted to move me completely from my situation, which is why he didn’t let those jobs I applied to manifest. He saw beyond my perception but saw my agony — even when I believed he ignored me. He saw something better for me.

I’m not perfect when it comes to faith — secular and spiritual — I constantly give up. But, I’m still here. The breakthrough I needed was more than I imagined.

So yes, ya girl got a job. Ya girl is grateful. Ya girl is trying and she’s looking forward to 2022. 🍾

2022 better be on it’s best behavior…

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