A Late 2021 Announcement

Ya girl got a job! That’s it. That’s the announcement. Okay…🙄, there’s more. Getting a job this year was something I prayed for, cried for and longed for. It was painful seeing people I graduated with, interned with getting jobs in the same field I studied for. I I constantly second-guessed myself and became veryContinue reading “A Late 2021 Announcement”

To Chase or Not Chase a Man: Dating Rules for Black Women

Where does the line blur? While browsing through YouTube this week, I came across a few videos that talked about actor Joshua Jackson’s comments on his marriage to actress Jodie Turner-Smith. According to entertainment news outlets, Jackson shared that Turner-Smith proposed to him and was “adamant” about it. The bloggers accused him of shaming herContinue reading “To Chase or Not Chase a Man: Dating Rules for Black Women”

“Tea”🫖 or Mental Health?

I’m choosing the latter. I started my website primarily to showcase all my professional work and experience in the media field. Eventually, it turned into a blogging website as well. My blog, “Tama’s Two Cents,” allows me to give my own opinions on whatever I seem interested in what’s trending on social media. Yet, lately,Continue reading ““Tea”🫖 or Mental Health?”

10 English Actors that currently have Me swooning with Love

I just finished watching the Netflix series “Shadow and Bone” and it was thrilling! The show starts off slow but gradually gets more interesting and exciting. Apparently, the show is based on a popular YA Fantasy book series of the same name. When I was younger, I used to read lots of books from thatContinue reading “10 English Actors that currently have Me swooning with Love”

March Sadness, April Pain.

The gun violence pandemic returns in America. Kenosha, Wisconsin. Atlanta, Georgia. Indianapolis, Indiana. Austin, Texas. Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Windsor, Virginia. Chicago, Illinois. In one month, we have seen multiple incidents of mass shootings and police murders against unarmed black men. It seems like every day, lives are taken in such a graphic and violent way.Continue reading “March Sadness, April Pain.”

Should Aaron Rodgers Retire?

No he should not! If you know me, you know I am a diehard NY Giants fan. The Giants have upset me every year since 2012…the last time they won a Super Bowl. We had a great, but flawed quarterback that was with us for 16 seasons. Now we have a young quarterback who isContinue reading “Should Aaron Rodgers Retire?”

“This is not who we are,” says Americans after the riot at the Capitol

Jan. 14, 2021 WASHINGTON –– This was the phrase many journalists, politicians and citizens said after Trump supporters broke into the Capitol last Tuesday. “It’s surreal, it feels like I’m talking to a correspondent reporting from Bogota,” said Jake Tapper, a CNN anchor. “The scenes of chaos of the Capitol do not reflect a trueContinue reading ““This is not who we are,” says Americans after the riot at the Capitol”

A Most Unholy Ending to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Marking the end of 2020, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiered its fourth and final season. After Netflix announced its cancellation, fans were very much disappointed. That left the show runners no time to properly end the storylines. A rushed ending usually does not help the show. Season four continued with Sabrina Spellman and SabrinaContinue reading “A Most Unholy Ending to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”