Social media platforms provide opportunities for creators with specific goals

I mainly scroll throw my feed and like/comment on photos and videos, but sometimes I use social media for inspiration. I like Pinterest a lot for that reason. Pinterest allows you to create vision boards for whatever life goals you’re planning for. It’s also the only social media app in my opinion that brings joy and creativity instead of dread like the other apps. I have boards for food recipes, wedding ideas, workout plans, fashion ideas, and even memes.

I display the main social media accounts I actively use on my website mostly to verify who I am and for visitors to get a better idea of the work I do, but I could utilize social media more often. Instagram and Pinterest are great for building a brand and business, and YouTube too. I have a business Instagram account for my photography, but I know I should take more photos and continue promoting my work through tagging and resharing my posts. You can share images, and videos on Pinterest too that link to your website, and that can help build your brand and increase engagement. I use to do YouTube videos as well but I admit I’ve slacked off on that for a few reasons: 1. I am afraid of messing up on camera (yet I studied broadcast journalism), 2. It takes a lot to film and edit content by yourself, 3. Finding a topic to talk about that both aligns with the algorithm and stands out is difficult.

In conclusion, I use social media fairly regularly as an observer, but I can utilize its tools to further develop my brand, increase engagement, and gain inspiration.

What social media app do you like the best? Comment below ⬇️

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