“Tea”🫖 or Mental Health?

I’m choosing the latter.

I started my website primarily to showcase all my professional work and experience in the media field. Eventually, it turned into a blogging website as well. My blog, “Tama’s Two Cents,” allows me to give my own opinions on whatever I seem interested in or what’s trending on social media. Yet, lately, I’ve got nothing. Yes, nothing. I just don’t have the desire to scroll on social media for hours on end while comparing myself from afar or hearing about a tragic or sensationalized story one after another.

For the past two months now, I’ve rarely posted or liked content on my Instagram and Twitter pages. I deleted the Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn apps (yes, LinkedIn is a social media site) from my phone, respectively. I still have my YouTube app, where I watch videos that I subscribe to. But even on YouTube, I try to stray away from any videos that will upset me –– news, politics. I don’t have the Facebook app on my phone, but I’ll sign in mostly to look at notifications from Facebook groups that I’m a part of.

Receiving a lot of information across multiple mediums can be overwhelming. There’s too much information out there, and most of the time, the topics are wrong or heavily exaggerated. I’ve noticed that since limiting my time on social media, especially Instagram and Twitter, I’ve felt better. I’m not constantly comparing myself to how someone seems to be “living the good life” on Instagram or LinkedIn or digesting outrage from whatever sensationalist topic is trending on Twitter.

Since limiting my time on social media, I’ve realized that I don’t care about half of the trending topics on the news or social media. I’m learning to filter out things that make me upset, even if it’s a human rights issue (and I’m very passionate about human rights). Life is too short to dwell on things that don’t make you happy.

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