A Most Unholy Ending to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina, Harvey, and Nick on the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix cover
Photo by Netflix

Marking the end of 2020, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiered its fourth and final season. After Netflix announced its cancellation, fans were very disappointed. That left the showrunners no time to properly end the storylines. A rushed ending usually does not help the show.

Season four continued with Sabrina Spellman and Sabrina Morningstar living their lives as teenage witches and the Queen of Hell. Ambrose warned Spellman that she should never contact her Morningstar half because it would affect the timeline. We see Morningstar enjoying ruling hell, connecting with her father Lucifer, and marrying her lover Caliban. Spellman instead feels empty and lonely as everyone around her seems to be moving on in life. Her ex-boyfriend Nick dates Prudence, Roz and Harvey, Theo and Robin are booed up and Aunt Hilda weds Dr. Cee.

The void Spellman feels ties into the main plot of the show –– when exiled former high priest Faustus Blackwood releases the Eldrich Terrors. These are the universe’s worst forms of evil: perversion, weirdness, darkness, resurrection, endlessness, and the Void. Spellman and her crew defeat all of the terrors except the Void. It represents hollowness and nothingness and I think the writers did a great job using it as a metaphor in describing Spellman’s emotions. But, from episode six to the end of the series the plot gets sloppy.

Spellman and Morningstar are told by the celestial angel Metatron that they must merge together in order to stop the other realms from colliding with one another (it doesn’t happen). Then Spellman takes Nick back, just as she finally moves on with her life. Mambo Marie, the voodoo priestess that Aunt Zelda falls for, is really a voodoo master of the dead and leaves to guard them. Randomly, the writers tell us that Roz is a witch and comes from a long line of psychic witches. At ending the season –– the crew defeats Blackwood, the Void is destroyed, and Greendale is safe, but Spellman and Morningstar die. *SPOILERS* They die because the Void is inside Spellman and in order to save the town, she had to be cut open. Lilith gets revenge on Lucifer by killing him and taking his celestial power, thus ruling hell. Nick kills himself to be with Spellman in the afterlife.

Then that’s it. The story just ends. We don’t know what happens to The Academy. We don’t see if Prudence and Ambrose repair their relationship. Does Roz become the “new Sabrina” in her group because she’s a witch now? Why didn’t Lilith reveal herself at the funeral? What will happen to Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda’s family mortuary? Do Roz, Harvey, and Theo graduate high school? There are too many plot holes.

I wish Netflix had allowed them to do a season five so we could get answers to those questions. I also wish they hadn’t killed off Sabrina because it made no sense. Nevertheless, great cast, and I hope they all rise in their careers after this. Especially Ambrose (played by Chance Perdomo). He’s cute, young, and talented.

So did you watch the latest season of CAOS? Do you agree with my analysis? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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