Racism-apologist Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a black man, taking a portrait photo in front of the American and Kentucky state flags.
Source: Twitter page of the Kentucky AG’s office

Yesterday, I learned that the grand jury in Jefferson county Kentucky indicted one officer involved in killing Breonna Taylor. There’s just one problem: It was an indictment for damaging her neighbor’s apartment…NOT her death. Adding more fuel to the fire, Attorney General Daniel Cameron said the officers were justified in killing Breonna Taylor and that he will not pursue more charges. As a result, Louisville and the rest of the country are protesting and rioting in righteous anger.

The entire events of Breonna Taylor’s case made me angry, but Daniel Cameron’s klan-apologist behavior made me more enraged! How can he sleep at night? He chose his job instead of justice. He doesn’t deserve to be attorney general. He doesn’t deserve to practice law and he DEFINITELY DOESN’T deserve to call himself a black man. It’s clear he doesn’t want to be. If he did, he wouldn’t crave the white approval he desperately grovels for. He got what he wanted: praise from Trump and his mentor Mitch McConnell. He got married this year, while Breonna Taylor got death, slander, and debate on whether her life mattered.

Daniel Cameron also said in the press conference that “celebrities, influencers, and activists” will condemn his ruling…he’s right. He saw the condemnation of his actions before he made the press conference because he knew he was wrong. He knew he was selling his conscience. I expect this callous act of injustice from racist whites, but not one of my own. It hurts deeply to see someone who decides to be black when it’s convenient for him, blind himself to injustice in front of him.

Since Attorney Generals are “elected”, I hope the people of Kentucky vote him out. And for the black community, we should “vote” him out as well. Kick rocks Cameron!

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